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A Story

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A Story

Ahmad Graves-El, The Lung, has always had a passion for making people smile and helping to uplift their Spirits in a plethora of ways. He is a lover of life and an intrepid seeker after Truth. 


Ahmad attained the level of 500 HR RYT after completing a 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training course with the incomparable Barbara Paulsen of Yoga Inspired in South Jersey. He received his 200 HR RYT during the throes of the pandemic in 2020 and achieved two certificates in Sonic Alchemy in 2021 and 2022. 


Ahmad/The Lung has been writing and spittin’ dope lyrics with his rhyme partner Divine Wyze of The KNomadz since 1999 and with Killa Kellz in the KNomad Nation since 2012. The multiple-award winning groups have received respect and props from many in the underground Hip Hop community and are currently in the studio to support The Lung’s upcoming “Lyrical Alchemy” music project. Look out for his soon-to-be-released single and video “This is the Hook.”


As a writer, Ahmad’s mission is to share positive stories about positive people doing positive things in his community and elsewhere. He is extremely thankful the Creator of the Universe has given him multiple avenues and opportunities to help bring LIGHT to his fellow Sisters and Brothers of all ethnicities and cultures for the cause of helping to uplift fallen humanity.


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