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“Music is my life, not a hobby or pastime

I put my heart and soul into this, until I write my last rhyme

You need a dope lyricist, Lung is that guy

Beyond space and time, Futuristic like Ragtime”


-The Lung from the song Futuristic Ragtime


Ahmad Graves-El, aka The Lung, is a member of the award-winning Hip Hop groups The KNomadz and KNomad Nation. He has been penning lyrics since 1999 and began doing shows circa 2005. 


Along with Divine Wyze, Killa Kellz, Genoside and newest member Riq Havok, The Lung has been blessed to have the opportunity to perform on many stages, in front of many faces, in many places. 

Be on the lookout for the New Jersey MC's first solo endeavor, the Lyrical Alchemy LP. Two videos This is the Hook, featuring Stevi Leigh and Higher Power (Sun Sal A) – which was released on 11/11/23 – both directed by Tanner Bushman, are out now. This is the Hook is available to purchase on most major platforms, with Higher Power coming soon. 

Higher Power (Sun Sal A) combines Hip Hop, Yoga, and Sound Healing in a way that's never been seen or heard before. Be on the lookout for the upcoming single/video Time Before Time featuring Killa Kellz and DJ SoulBuck. Peace 

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