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Yoga and Sound Healing


Ahmad's intention as a yoga instructor, sound healing, and Human Being is to help raise the vibrations of All to higher levels. He is keenly aware of the fact that if everyone’s energy can be lifted to a higher level, that will naturally lead to more peace and harmony between one and all. 


Ahmad, an avid reader, unwittingly began his yogic journey in 2004-05, after being drawn to the book, “Fourteen Lessons in Yoga Philosophy” by William Walker Atkinson. The Spiritual knowledge that was shared in that book led him to read the “Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism,” by the same author. Ahmad enjoys reading about history, philosophy and Spirituality, and those books were right up his alley. 


Throughout the years, he became a student of Tai Chi and martial arts, earning a green belt in Go Ju Ryu, along the way. Then, just before the pandemic hit, the Universe led him to a yoga studio in his hometown of Vineland, NJ, and his love for the practice of yoga blossomed. Ahmad decided the best way to learn about the traditions of yoga was to become a teacher. He became a student of Barbara Paulsen, owner of Yoga Inspired, in Pitman, NJ, and earned the degree of 500 HR RYT, from the revered instructor, after graduating from her 200 and 300 HR YTT's.

The Art of Yoga at RRCA with Ahmad Graves-El was my restorative deep breath to start the week. These Monday evening mediations calmed my mind and comforted my age-related aches and pains. As a newcomer to Yoga, I’m grateful that Graves-El made us all comfortable despite our various degrees of knowledge, flexibility, and balancing ability.

He introduced me to the Chakras. When we focused on the Solar Plexus Chakra, I found the best description of our class leader.
Confident and joyful, Graves-El exuded a personal sunshine that
glows from within. That happiness was infectious.

-Deborah Marko

I'd like to thank Ahmad first and foremost for bringing yoga to the RRCA. I had not practiced in a very long time.

It was nice to start with a class that was both for beginning again and
sometimes challenging.
The sessions being enhanced with sound healing and meeting his friends behind the melodies was a favorite part of mine.

I was intrigued by what he was learning and sharing with us. It is one thing to practice and
another to learn the spirituality behind it.
Thank you for everything.
-Tammy Shaffer

I attended all but one of Ahmad's yoga sessions during his 300 level training at the RRCA.

He welcomed all levels of students and offered modifications for those of us with "cranky knees" or
those who wanted "more" -- always reminding us to breathe and practice ahimsa. 
Ahmad held space for us, used humor, and intertwined the class with music and spiritual readings. I learned a lot about how my body works and how discomfort moves me toward health.
I'll take any class he leads!

-Patti Schmid

Ahmad's classes really got me through months of stressful Mondays.

What I like best about his
classes is that they incorporate true Hindu practices rather than just a western-washed version of asanas.
He really puts the Art in Art of Yoga!

-Alexandra Dionisi

Ahmad’s path to becoming a sound healer is just as intriguing. As a journalist for a local newspaper, one of his jobs was to scour the internet and place cool events in that publication’s Community Calendar. Ahmad kept seeing invites for Singing Bowls and Sound Healing and constantly put them in the calendar. His curiosity led him to ask the editor if he could write a story about these events, and the editor obliged. 


When Ahmad went to interview the sound healers, seven were in the room and they all had sound healing instruments. When he interviewed one, the rest were playing their bowls. Unknowingly, at the time, he was being healed. Ahmad wrote the article and began attending sound healing events. 


He made a decision to become a sonic alchemist after wanting to learn more about the healing techniques of sound. Ahmad became the first student of Megan Ann Walker and recently earned his Level 2 Sonic Alchemist certification in May of 2022. 


Ahmad is grateful to all beings (seen and unseen) who have helped him on this journey and aims to do his part in helping to uplift humanity by spreading peace and harmony through the modalities of Yoga and Sound Healing.

The sound healing experience was a first for me. I went in with the apprehension thinking I would feel silly and left feeling significantly less stressed! The experience was so relaxing. I could feel the vibrations through my fingers. I would recommend to anyone who has never experienced it before and to anyone who has!

I think sound healing would be beneficial in the morning to set a better tone for the day, especially on those days when you know it may be a tough day. Thank you!

-Cat Raymond

Ahmad was kind enough to offer a Sound Healing Session at my workplace and it was the perfect addition to our employee wellness initiatives. The time and format fit well into our workday and the guided meditation and soothing sounds allowed myself and my coworkers to really get into the session and leave feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

It was amazing what he accomplished in such a brief session. I would love to make this a regular offering.

-Cynthia Overs

Thank you so much for hosting a sound healing session on campus. It was an amazing experience that I hope to repeat soon. After the session, I returned to my office feeling like I'd just come from a massage therapist.

My body and mind felt aligned and relaxed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful skill; I'm looking forward to more sound healing in the future. 

With love in sound healing harmony.

-Claudia Carozza

Today was my first ever healing sound bowl session. During the session, My hands started tingling and I felt chills through my whole body a couple of times.

I felt so relaxed as the tension lifted. I Loved my experience and can't wait for another opportunity to attend. Thank you so much!!

-Jen Aron

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